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Heffner Funeral Chapel & Crematory, Inc. focuses on serving and caring for the deceased and the grieving family and friends in all of York County. We have been in the funeral business for over 100 years. We offer you and your family our support and guidance in this time of need, that's why we always offer the best funeral home and cremation services. Contact us at 717-767-1551 or visit us at 1551 Kenneth Rd, York, PA 17408.

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When it comes to funeral planning, it’s something that each person must face one or two times in their life. Take time to grieve and leave all the details to an expert at funeral and cremation in Red Lion, PA. Our licensed funeral directors are known in the business and have built a name for themselves in the community. Our family-owned funeral home has been around for over 100 years.


We offer a money-back guarantee for our services because we are so confident that you will be satisfied. We have over 1000 written customer reviews with praise for our business and employees. If there is customer feedback that we need to hear, then we listen with open ears. We have made the changes that need to be made so that your family and friends can have the most comfortable experience with our end-of-life services from start to finish.


Are you planning a funeral for a fallen hero? Our Fallen Hero program offers our services free of charge to any police officer, firefighter, or EMS worker who dies on the job. We also do the same for the military, free services for anyone who passes away in the line of duty. The family can keep any funds received from the government or other parties for the funeral. We are here to honor the lives of these brave women and men together.


Cremation and Funeral Options in Red Lion, PA

When someone close to you passes away, and you find yourself in charge of planning the funeral, keep in mind all of the different ways you can choose to have the loved one laid to rest. The first big decision will be a traditional burial or cremation?


Cremation has been growing in popularity throughout the years. Our precise and respectful process will keep you at peace, knowing that your loved one is cared for from start to end. Our team is diligent in keeping track of the ashes, and only one cremation is done at a time here at our facility. A licensed funeral director performs every cremation.


If you are looking into funeral services in Red Lion, PA, then consider all of the many options:

  • Traditional funeral with a viewing and burial: What you imagine in a funeral from seeing it on TV or noticing it in your family's traditions may include a viewing, a funeral service, and a burial. At the funeral, family members can speak and share nostalgic stories about the person who has passed.
  • Celebration of life: If dressing up and sitting still for an hour to listen and ponder isn’t your idea of a good funeral, then change it up. More importantly, how would the deceased have wanted their life to be honored? A celebration of life can be a party with music they loved, and their favorite sports team displayed. You can hang pictures and display hobbies where family and friends can dance and share memories.
  • Outdoor barbecue: Take the celebration outside and forget the hassle of securing a venue. You can gather together at a park or in someone’s backyard. You don’t have to have the casket present to hold a memorial service. All of these options are up to you and what specifically works for your family and friends.
  • Open invitation or a small, closed service: You may decide to have a small, intimate service to remember your loved one. Or you can open it up to the public, posting the details in the obituary and inviting anyone who wants to remember and honor the deceased. All of this is included in the planning, and our team can iron out all the details for you.


Funeral Planning

When you suddenly lose a loved one, you can be in shock and grieving. Our staff specializes in planning a funeral in just a few days. All of the details can be left to us as you take the time with your family to heal. If you have particular ideas in mind, we will listen to your requests and fill in the gaps with our expert opinions. Contact us as soon as possible after a death to relieve some stress in your life.


If you have some notice before your loved one passes away, then it is valuable to pre-plan the funeral. You can receive input from the person whose life is to be honored. You can plan the funeral together. Although it may be uncomfortable to breech the topic initially, as you get to discussing memories and who is going to share which stories, you will find it pleasant to discuss and plan a funeral.


When it comes to funeral and cremation in Red Lion, PA, don’t leave the planning to guesswork. Contact a team in the industry for years and years who will anticipate your family's needs during this difficult time.


Funeral & Cremation

Are all veterans eligible for burial benefits?

All veterans are entitled to burial in one of the 136 national veterans cemeteries, a headstone or marker, and a burial flag. For burial in a private cemetery, veterans will only receive a free government-issued headstone or marker and a flag. Learn More.


Should I pre plan my funeral?

Safer Ways to Prepare for the Future. The benefits of the pre-paid policies they offer are also touted by insurance companies and funeral homes. Unless Medicaid needs you to "spend" your own cash to qualify for insurance, without paying upfront, you are better off planning ahead. Learn More.


How much does a tribute video cost?

For $10/minute of collected footage, we are currently offering our highlight reel editing. Note: Pricing is dependent on how much video you get - your highlight reel would be $200 if you end up with 20 minutes of footage. Learn More.

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