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Cremation Packages

We own and operate a private crematory, have personally performed over 5000 cremations, each handled individually, and we return 100% of the recoverable cremated remains. We know whose ashes are in the urn and we invite you to inspect our crematory anytime. See our Code of Ethics.



Our 3 cremation packages are offered to help with planning a personalized cremation tribute. They include items client families have found to be meaningful. However, you can totally customize a cremation arrangement to suit your personal preferences or budget.


We welcome you to contact us, call or visit us anytime. Prices vary depending on the location selected. Our services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.



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  • Select Cremation Tribute - $5,295 to $6,795
  • Contemporary Cremation Tribute - $8,995 to $11,395
  • Classic Cremation Tribute - $11,495 to $13,895